AutismArt Onlus

Make an artwork of yourself

Autismart is a Non-profit institution borned nine months ago with the aim of offering free training and introducing autistic subjects in artistic work (
Autismart inaugurated in May its first artistic event in collaboration with an international art exhibition named Enredadas.
During the exhibition of the exhibited works, an event also sponsored by UNESCO, there were artistic workshops for autistic children, gastronomic stands of local products and, finally, a lyrical concert.
These artistic events are organized by our association to raise funds that will be used to carry out artistic training projects for autistic subjects.
Our 1st big project will begin in spring 2018 and will be a 18-month theater improvisation workshop headed by the famous italian actress Erica Blanc, that will feature around twenty people with DSA and Asperger syndrome who will follow, in part, the acting laboratory and another part of the collaborative costume and costume workshop with the Academy of Fine Arts of Terni (
At the end of this free training course the making of a film will follow, in which the DSA subjects involved will be the protagonists of these long-term project.
Our Non-profit institution is working on a second project that will be inaugurated on September 2018, on the occation of Gustav Klimt’s death centenary, the “Unconventional Klimt Festival”.
The Festival will be located in Gardone Riviera, one of the best shore of the Garda Lake.
The aim of this event is to select the best works performed by artists with autism coming from all over the world and based on Klimt works, exhibit them in an art Gallery and sell them online in our platform created with the aim to help artists to promote themsevels and their work (
Guided tours will be held at the Vittoriale museum where visits to the outside will be handled by people with autism.
The Festival will end with a chamber concert dedicated to the poet d’Annunzio in the beautiful setting of the Pond of the Dances.