Monica Lotti

Monica Lotti was born in Sassuolo (Italy) in 1970 and lives in Formigine.

Since she was a child she was passionate about visual art and she studied graphics and photography at the “Adolfo Venturi” art institute in Modena.
Once graduated, Monica started working in the prestigious ceramics industry in Sassuolo, where she experimented with color, matter and shapes.

In 2009 her passion for painting grew so strong that Monica decided to make it her full-time job and she planned her successful exhibitions.

But actually Monica’s real success came when she decided to mix together her passion for visual arts and her passion for cars. Monica’s paintings are done with just a spatula, acrylics and layers of a personal mixture.

She likes to play with colors, lines and different materials as metal or parts of real cars. Thanks to these techniques Monica can truly express the fast movements of these cars.

Important exhibits: hotel Planet in Maranello, Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari in Modena, Museo MilleMiglia in Brescia (in the occasion of the famous race), Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini in Dosso di S. Agostino (for the 50th anniversary).

She also realized a painting for the worldwide championship of the F1 Simulator.